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To produce self-esteem in bottles, exceeding the expectations of consumers, and taking care of human well-being to promote self-respect.


To be a benchmark in hair care and strengthening women’s self-esteem, being present domestically and in the global markets.

Our purpose is to produce self-esteem in bottles

1986 – Jacques Sultanum, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, invested everything he had in an idea. This is how Rishon Cosmetics was created in Brazil. At that time, the TUTANAT line was born, always seeking to adapt to the growing expectations of our consumers.
1997 – Jacques Sultanum is gone, but leaving his legacy of courage, determination, and responsibility. Plus, a secure foundation for his dream of a fast-growing Brazilian manufacturer, with a leading brand – TUTANAT – serving both the domestic and international markets. Marcelle, daughter of Jacques, took over the company. Much has been done since: line realignment, new products, boost sales, cost adequation and increased revenues.
2005 – A new era begins: higher professional standards along with a well-structured and committed staff. The Rishon Beauty Institute was inaugurated, aiming to develop new and better products.
2010 – The company became an active player in various social media, being present throughout Brazil via its virtual store. Furthermore, modern and imported assets were industrially adopted, with constant product launches, in line with company’s philosophy of always offer high quality to satisfy and improve consumer’s self-esteem.
2012 – Internationalization began, with an enduring participation at Cosmoprof (Bologna, Italy) since then. At that time, TUTANAT’s ”Progressive Sleek Brush” (without formaldehyde) and “Argan Oil” lines were introduced, with a smashing success. A culture of product innovation to meet customer true needs was implemented, resulting in recurring export sales to select European and African markets.
2014 – A new challenge started, by moving the industrial facility to the Pharmacochemical Complex in Goiania (Brazil). New concepts and innovation policies were created including, but not limited to work guidelines, procedural practices, QR code packaging, and tutorial videos among others. This is “Rishon 2.0”.
2016 – A recurring race to develop the most differentiated and innovative products was implemented. Consumer specific demands were targeted. A new line – “Bang!” – was launched and achieved explosive sales success.
2021 – Global consolidation in place, based on a well-structured go-to-market strategy, including package reshaping, efficient supply chain management, digital branding, and active regional distribution channels. Primary focus are the U.S. and European markets, being pursued in coordination with an international sales office based in Florida, USA.